Guide To The Temples And Monuments of Bhubaneswar – Odisha

Bhubaneswar has a unique position among the cities of India. A temple town with a series of ancient sandstone temples and tanks, its wealth of monuments is testament to an ancient continuous architectural and historical heritage covering well over 2,000 years from the 3rd century B.C.

Bhubaneswar is understandably dubbed the “Temple City of India”, estimates vary from 500 – 1,000 temples that once stood in the city. It still boasts an impressive cluster of magnificent temples, virtually a complete record of Kalinga architecture from its initiation to its culmination. Ekamra Kshetra comprises the area of the old city of Bhubaneswar which forms the centre of this temple architecture and is considered a Hindu holy city.

Below is an index of the monuments I visited in Bhubaneswar during a ten day stay in early 2020. Each link will take you to a separate blog post documenting via my photography what you can see at each location, and a little bit of background information on the temple history and architecture. Each page also has a map to help you locate the individual site.

The second index is a list of places I visited as day excursions out of Bubaneswar. Many of these sites can be visited on the same day, I managed to see everything listed in four full days out of the city. Likewise there are maps to help you find the sites, my car driver only knew of 10% of these places 🙂

I hope this guide to the temples and monuments in and around Bhubaneswar will be of some use to those planning a trip to the temple town of India.

Bhubaneswar City Monuments

Aisaneswara Temple
Ananta Vasudeva Temple
Vaital (Baitala) Deula Temple
Bakresvara Temple
Bhabani Shankar Temple
Brahma Temple
Bindu Sagar Tank
Brahmeswara Temple
Bhaskareswar Temple
Byamokesvara Temple
(Suresvara Mahadeva)
Champakesvara Temple
Chitrakarini Temple
Dakara Bibhishaneswar Temple
Dwarabasini Temple
Ekamreswar Temple
Gangeswara Temple
Yamuneswara Temple
Gosagaresvara Temple
Gouri Shankar Temple
Kapilesvara Temple
Kartikeswar Temple
Kedar Gouri Temple
Khandagiri Caves
Kotiteertheswara Temple
Kusesvara Temple
Labesvara Temple
Ladu Baba Temple
Lakheswara Temple
Lingaraja Temple
Makareswar Temple
Mangaleswara Temple
Markandeshwar Temple
Megheswar Temple
Mohini Temple
Mukteshwar Temple
Nagesvara Temple
(Nabakeswar Temple)
Odisha State Museum
Pabaneswara (Daitesvara) Temple
Panchu Pandav Caves
Papanasini Temple Complex:
Baneswar Temple
Maitreswara Temple
Papanasini Temple
Varunesvara Temple
Parasuramesvara Temple
Pataleswara Temple I
Pataleswara Temple II
Purbeswara Temple
Rajarani Temple
Rameshwar Temple
Sampoornajaleswara Temple
Shatrughaneshwar Complex
Lakshmaneswar Temple
Barateshwar Temple
Siddheshwar Temple
Subarnajaleswara Temple
Suka Temple
Sari Temple
Sukhmesvara Temple
Swapneswara Temple
(Mangaleswar Temple)
Swarnajaleswara Temple
Talesvara Temple
Tirthesvara Temple
Udayagiri Caves
Uttareswara Temple
Bhimesvara Temple
Asta Shambhu Temple
Yameshwar Temple

Day Excursions From Bhubaneswar City

Angeswara Temple
Chausathi Yogini Temple
Ashokan Rock Edict
Bhairangeswara Temple
Shanti Stupa
Gangeswari Temple
Konark Sun Temple
Kuruma Buddhist Complex
Lalitagiri Buddhist Complex
Langudi Buddhist Complex
Panchu Pandava Temple
Raghurajpur Artist Village
Ratnagiri Buddhist Complex
Ratnagiri Archaeological Museum
Udayagiri Buddhist Complex
Uttareswar Temple
Varahi Temple

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  1. Thank you, once again. This is is most useful summary of this superb collection of photos. (Your blog is the best and most informed I follow.)

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  2. An explanation of the kirtimukha sculptural frieze so brilliantly portrayed by Kevin. Thanks a lot.

    अग्निमीळे पुरोहितं यज्ञस्य देवमृत्विजम् होतारं रत्नधातमम् in sculptural splendour of भुवनेश्वर present Indus Script hieroglyphs Mirror:

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  3. The best blog . I have been to Bhubaneshwar. Requested to visit as many temples. Was only guided. To Jaganath Temple Konark Temple, Lingraj Temple and saw Iskon Temple because I stayed next door to it. Proper tourist information and Guides should be available at the airport.

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  4. I am a native of Odisha and have stayed in Bhubaneswar for a long time but never realised that there are so many marvellous temples. Thank you very much for sharing, will definitely visit these places once this pandemic gets over.

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  5. Fantastic write up and pictures. Had been to BBSR on a number of occasions, but only see the most famous ones. Taking que from your blog planning a trip where I can cover at least the lost beautiful ones.

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