Category: Maharashtra

Patan Caves

Located on 1.5km north-east of Visapur Fort and 1.9km east of Bhaja Caves in Maharashtra, the village of Patan has three known rock-cut Buddhist excavations. Cave 1 is located less that 1km south-east of the village and can be quite easily reached on foot with only ~100m gain […]

Yelghol Caves

Located 1km south-west of Yelghol village in Maval Taluka in Pune District, Yelghol Cave is a Buddhist rock-cut excavation modifying what was a pre-existing natural cavern. This region is of course famous for Buddhist rock-cut complexes such as Karla, Bedse and Bhaja Caves, but such sites are complimented […]

Maan Cave – Pune

In previous blog posts I have featured both the well-known and somewhat obscure cave sites of Pune. Most Punekars will be familiar with the circa 8th century CE Pataleshwar Caves situated on Jangli Maharaj Road (JM Road), but there are many more in and around the city, including […]