Kathak Dance


In February 2014 I was fortunate to attend a wonderful  couple of nights of Kathak Dance in Pune, India.

Not wanting to miss out on any of the details of the performers, here is the full program of performances/presentations :

Kala Chhaya presents Kathak Mahotsav

Kathak presentations of 3 major gharanas from the maestros

14th Feb. 2014 at 6.00 pm
Inauguration of the Kathak Ganga Sagar at the hand of Smt. Sitara Devi
Banaras Gharana Presentation – Guru Smt. Sitara Devi ji
Dancers – Smt. Jayantimala, Smt Richika & Shri Vishal Krishna

15th Feb. 2014 at 6.00 pm
Jaipur Gharana Presentation – Guru Smt. Shashi Sankhala
Dancers – Smt, Geetanjali Singh, Smt. Reema Goyal, Shri,Yatendra Saxena & Rajeev Singh
Raigad Gharana Presentation – Guru Ramlalji
Dancers – Smt. Alpana Vajpayi & Shrishti Gupta

16th Feb. 2014 at 66pm
Lucknow Gharana Presentation – Guru Pt. Birju Maharaj ji
Dancers – Pt. Jaikishan Maharaj, Smt. Mamta Maharaj &
Jamuna Jamuna kit baaro shaam… By Kalachhaya


Pt. Arvindkumar Azad, Mohd. Zafar, Shahnavaz Khan, Bharat Jangam (Tabla) Praveen Arya, Sanjay Agle (Pakhawaj), Sunil Avachat (Flute) Sandeep Mishra, Javed Khan (Sarangi), Shri Harihar Sharan (sitar) Shri Somnath Mishra, Shri Munnalal Bhat, Rasika Kulkarni & Shrikant Pargonkar (Vocal)


Kathak comes from the word Katha, meaning “the story”, and signifies storytelling. Kathak originated in the temples of North India, around 400 years ago, where the storytellers, the Kathik Bramhins (Kirtankars), used to narrate mythological stories from the great Indian epics to the people.

In its earlier form, Kathak was nothing but spontaneous movements and gestures done by the storytellers while telling the stories. However, Kathak flourished as a dance and got stylized as a performing art in the courts of Mughal Emperors.


Its interesting that Kathak, in spite of being under the influence of Mughal culture, remained unaltered in its purpose of worshipping lord Krishna through dance. Thanks to the Legends like Kalka Maharaj jee & Bindanin Maharaj jee, ancestors of Kathak.


Kathak mesmerizes spectators with spellbinding natural gestures, stylized movements and intricate footwork.

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