Hero Stones


Puratan Shiv Mandir and Hero Stones – Parali

Parali village (also known as Parli, or Pareli) is located close to the banks of Urmodi river and dam, 1km north of Sajjangad Fort and pilgrimage site, 14km west of Satara and 135km south of Pune. The village serves as one of the starting points for anyone wishing […]

The Heroes of Nerhe – Pune

Continuing my mini project to document Hero Stone sites during my travels around India, I recently visited the Shiv Mandir at Nerhe, 1km east of Kasarsai and 30km north-west of Pune. For anyone unaware of what hero stones actually are, please read my blog post on the hero […]

The Fallen Heroes of Kondhawale

Kondhawale is located 30km west of Pune towards Mulshi in Maharashtra. This blog post is part of my on-going side project to document and record clusters of hero stones to be found in the Pune region, the scope of which will no doubt increase in the future to […]

The Heroes of Morgaon

One of my winter pastimes back in the UK is genealogy, specifically researching my family ancestry which thus far has culminated in a family tree with over 15,000 known relatives. It can at times become a little obsessive, and with so many resources now available online I’ve managed […]

The Heroes of Loni Bhapkar

A couple of years ago a visit to the ancient Bhairavnath Temple just north of Satara in Maharashtra drew my attention to subject of hero stones. I had previously seen a few examples in various museums, but at Kikali there is an impressive collection of such memorial stones, and […]

The Hero Stones Of Kikali

Kikali is a small village 15km north of Satara in Maharashtra. Located just north of the village is the ancient Bhairavnath Temple, a wonderful site to visit and will feature in a another blog post shortly. Whilst the temple itself is worthy of any visit, I was struck by the large number of hero stones that were lining the perimeter of the temple complex.