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Return to Lamayuru

Lamayuru has a mystique quite unlike any other Ladaki monastery. For me it’s probably the spectacular setting that instills this feeling, remote and isolated, and yet not secluded. Towering mud brick structures jutting up from the rugged cliffs and scree slopes, my previous visit in 2014 has a number of […]

Phyang Gompa

Phyang Gompa lies 13km west of Leh, standing on a crag overlooking the village of the same name, and accessed via a 4km long straight road that branches off of the Srinagar highway. My visit to Ladakh in 2014 intended to visit this gompa as part of my […]

Return to Chemde Gompa

My previous visit to Chemde Gompa last year was a mixed experience. Without doubt it is in one of the post picturesque settings imaginable, with its buildings straddling a pyramidal hill I imagine few tourists can resist stopping on the approach to capture the view. I am no exception […]

Return to Basgo

Last year during my first visit to the Ladakh region I was totally captivated by Basgo. It was without doubt my favourite location for a multitude of reasons, mostly down to the crumbling atmospheric buildings set against a wondrous landscape quite unlike anywhere else I have ever experienced. […]

Jokhang Gompa

Jokhang Gompa is a large modern gompa just around the corner from Leh’s Main Bazaar. It”s also the location of the Ladakhi Buddhist Association, a conservative political organisation with ties to Hindutva groups. Built in 1957, this is one of the newest monasteries in Leh. Being far more accessible […]

Leh Old Fort

At the very top of a ridge that overlooks Leh town are the remains of the 16th century palace and fort of King Tashi Namgyal. The relatively small white building sits just above the Namgyal Tsemo Gompa, so a visit to both can be combined to save you […]