Loliem Vetal – Goa


One of my many reasons for visiting Goa was to seek out the Loliem Vetal, which proved to be quite difficult as my driver had never heard of it.

Loliem is a small village in south Goa‘s Canacona Taluka. On entering the village look out for an arched gateway on your left as you head downhill on the road. From here there’s a path running through a farmhouse frontage and beyond into the jungle. Before long you’ll reach a small clearing where the Vetal stands.





It’s a very atmospheric setting, with the post monsoon lushness of the surrounding foliage perfectly setting off the statue. I have to confess a feeling of disquiet as I stood before the 2m high figure.


So what is the Loliem Vetal ?  My research proved difficult, in part because of the varieties of spelling. This Vetal, or Betal, is known locally as the Nagdo Betal (Nagdo meaning “unclad”). It’s a Goan deity that seems to be specific only to this region. There are other Vetal statues in the region, but mostly housed inside temples. This one stands alone, in solitude, I’m not sure if it’s been removed from somewhere or has always been here.

My thanks must go to Rajan Parrikar who’s blog drew my attention to this place. He’s also posted an article about the Vetals of Goa which helps add some context. This excerpt comes the book Socio Cultural History of Goa by V.R. Mitragotri.


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  1. Thanks a lot . I belong to goa however never knew about it . Now when next visit to goa I will visit the site.


  2. VETAL maharaj it’s a king of all ghost and monsters in hole world….he is most power full power on earth represent third part of lord Shiva…..
    He is protector and great energy who never stop by black magic power and als
    He can do any thing also known as fire…
    For protection of village people kept him that place…you also takes his name to protect from nigetive energy and at bad event u will safe….

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  3. Good work
    I am from same village Loliem.The statue is near the Aryadurga temple.Now this temple has renovated.we were not having its previous photo.Thanks for providing it . Religeous ceremony will take place on 28th of this month.All are cordially invited.

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  4. Some may find my experience false, but still I want to say that there is a water deity in Hinduism called seven sisters, this Betal is the brother of the seven sisters who keeps visiting my house. We have installed this deity in our house as our god has appeared to us husband and wife many times

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