Diskit Gompa

Diskit Gompa


Diskit monastery dates back to the 15th century and is Nubra’s most historic monument. Situated 150m above the village, the zig-zag road up passes by the new giant 32 meter high statue of Maitfreya (Future Buddha). The gompa can also be reached on foot, but it’s a steep climb.

The road leading to Diskit is also spectacular, with the wide open valley floor dominated either side by high mountains. Once again that wonderful colour of the rivers exists, I’m assuming this is due to snow/ice melt.



Walking up from the car park takes you along irregular steps, past numerous prayer wheels and monks’ quarters before you reach the main courtyard.






Unfortunately, photography was not allowed inside the temples here, but be sure to check out the Gonkhang and Chokhang, Old Dukhang and Dolma Lhakhang. Some of these were locked when I visited, although it was getting late in the day.




With the evening drawing in, a breeze picked up and the skies darkened. Off in the distance I could see a dust storm (or dust cloud ?) making it’s way down the valley. It was fascinating to watch, although a little worrying what would occur if it made it across to where I was standing !

The Nubra Valley has it’s fair share of sand, there’s even sand dunes as you get closer to the village of Hunder (which was the direction is was facing). The scale of these was immense, I decided to head back to the car at a rapid rate of knots…





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  1. You really captured the landscape. Spectacular dust storms. I’ve been through J&K, but not to Ladakh, so I’m enjoying your photos of Ladakh.


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