Khajuraho – Matangeshvara Temple


The Matangeshvara Temple (also known as Matangeshwar or Matangeshwara Temple) is the main temple still in use in Khajuraho. Although it stands right next to the Lakshmana Temple, it is not within the fenced enclosure of the western group of temples. To visit you will need to turn right upon exiting the compound and take a lane on your right after about 50m.

With a pyramidal roof, the temple is dated to 1000 A.D. This makes it broadly contemporary with its close neighbours within the adjacent compound, but it is much less decorated.


Being an active temple and late afternoon, the temple was incredibly busy when I visited. I’m quite sensitive to photographing in such situations, goodness knows the locals must get a little frustrated with all the visitors pointing their cameras everywhere. So I’m afraid shots of this temple and few, and not all taken with my DSLR.

At over 2.5m high, the temple is best known for housing one of the largest lingas in India. A similar but larger linga I had visited a few days earlier at Bhojeshwar Temple in Bhojpur.


During the Hindu festival of Shivaratri (February/March), a three-day ceremony occurs here to celebrate the marriage of Shiva. It is attended by around 25,000 people, when the lingam is bathed, dressed, and decorated like a human bridegroom during the ceremony.


Group Khajuraho Monuments
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