Makareswar Temple – Bhubaneswar

Makareswar Temple is situated at the junction of Rath Road and Tarasundri Road, directly opposite the Papanasini Temple Complex in Bhubaneswar old city. 

Architecturally the temple has a very simple appearance, and is almost an exact carbon copy of Bakresvara Temple a short distance away.

The lack of exterior decoration may suggest a period of instability and political turmoil during the late Ganga period (approx 14th century) when this temple was built.

The only images of note to be found on the main temple are the parshva devatas, Ganesha, Kartikeya and Parvati, housed in their respective central raha niches.

There is a significant amount of fresh looking sandstone blocks incorporated into the fabric of the building, so clearly at some point relatively recently this temple has been significantly restored.

Above the entrance to the jagamohana is the all too familiar Navagraha panel. Inside, the presiding deity is a Shiva linga, set at a lower level than the current floor level of the jagamohana.

In the south-west corner of the compound is a subsidiary temple, potentially slightly earlier in date (circa 12th century A.D.).

There is a slight hint that this temple may once have had an attached jagamohana, but if that is the case it has long since disappeared. The presiding deity is a Shiva linga.

As with the main temple, the parshva devatas of Ganesha, Kartikeya (both badly damaged and not photographed), and Parvati are housed in the central raha niches.

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