Pataleswara Temple I – Bhubaneswar

Sandwiched between Ananta Vasudeva temple to the east and Bindu Sagar Tank to the west, the tiny 10th/11th century Pataleswara Temple is yet another example of an ancient structure partially buried below the present ground surface in old Bhubaneswar.

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the area around the temple right by the road is used by a local trader selling banana leaves and various other items for pooja, so it was a little awkward to get very close. I happened to pass the temple again the following day before the stall was set up so managed to get some shots of the temple in isolation.

The temple is not in the best of condition. Rain water often percolates from the roof, a problem compounded by surface rain water from the road also entering into the sanctum. As a result, the deity is submerged for most of the year. Slightly hidden out of view stands a sahasralinga.

There are a number of temples of the same name in Bhubaneswar, hence why this one I have called “Pataleswara Temple I”.

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