Month: June 2020

Pandeshwar Temple

Pandeshwar Temple is situated 60km south-east of Pune on the north bank of the river Karha, 12km east of Jejuri and 12km west of Morgaon. This is yet another interesting temple in the region for which there is little information available, so one should consider this more of […]

The Heroes of Morgaon

One of my winter pastimes back in the UK is genealogy, specifically researching my family ancestry which thus far has culminated in a family tree with over 15,000 known relatives. It can at times become a little obsessive, and with so many resources now available online I’ve managed […]

The Heroes of Loni Bhapkar

A couple of years ago a visit to the ancient Bhairavnath Temple just north of Satara in Maharashtra drew my attention to subject of hero stones. I had previously seen a few examples in various museums, but at Kikali there is an impressive collection of such memorial stones, and […]