Church of St Anne, Talaulim, Goa

Talaulim : Church of St Anne

The Church of Saint Anne, also known as Sant’Ana or Santana Church, is the parish church of the small village of Talaulim, located about 15km from Panjim, and 10km from the old capital city, Old Goa (Goa Velha). Built in the Indian Baroque style in 1681, it was conceived by Father […]

Church of St Francis of Assisi

Possibly the most dominant building around the main square of Old Goa is the Church of St Francis of Assisi. This large white four-storey building was constructed in 1661 and has a wonderfully decorated interior. As with the Church of St.Cajetan, you’re left wondering why such a building is […]

Church of St Augustine

The Church of St.Augustine in Old Goa is set away a little from the main cluster of buildings around the central square. Head west up a steep road behind some restaurants and after about 10 minutes you’ll reach an impressive collection of ecclesiastical buildings. The complex is dominated by […]

Church of St.Cajetan

Just 200m east of Viceroy’s Arch in Old Goa is the Church of St.Cajetan. Built in 1656 and modelled on the Basilica of St.Peter in Rome, it is arguably one of India’s finest churches. Unsurprisingly, it was built by Italians – members of the Theatine order of monks […]

Basilica of Bom Jesus

The Basilica of Bom Jesus sits boldly on the southern side of the large entral area of Old Goa. Built from 1594-1605, it is also widely known as the Church of St.Francis Xavier whose tomb it contains. This probably makes it one of the most important Christian pilgrimage […]

Chapel of St Catherine

Slightly hidden away from the other main buildings of Old Goa, and possibly overlooked by many visitors, is the Chapel of St.Catherine. Built in 1550, it’s the most westerly structure on the northern side of the central green, and tucked away at a lower level to most of […]

Sé Cathedral

The churches and ruins of Old Goa lie 9km east of Panjim, and are the most important monuments of early European colonial period in India. Most of the surviving buildings are ecclesiastical, surrounded by gardens and lush jungle. It’s an incredibly pretty location, possibly best enjoyed immediately after […]



Ohel David Synagogue – Pune

Constructed between 1863 and 1867 and located on Moledina Road near M.G. and Ambedkar Roads, Ohel David Synagogue in Pune is the largest synagogue built in India.

Cathedral of the Holy Name – Mumbai

The Cathedral of the Holy Name is a Roman Catholic Cathedral located in the Colaba district of South Mumbai. The Cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Bombay and headquarters of the Archdiocese of Bombay and is a short 10 minute walk from the Gateway of India.

Tamil Nadu

Pondicherry – Our Lady of Angels Church

Walking along Beach Road in Pondicherry one can’t help but notice the impressive Our Lady of Angels Church (or Eglise De Notre Dame Des Anges) – standing in the former Capuchins’ square looking out over the Bay of Bengal.