The Rock-cut Jain monuments of Gwalior – SW Group

The SW Group of rock-cut Jain monuments in Gwalior are located on the western side of the hill, not far beyond Urvai Gate on your way up to the fort. The carvings are now managed by the priests at the Shree Mata Trishala Atishay Mandir, you will need to be on the lookout for the temple entrance on your right.

When Alexander Cunningham visited this site he noted the carved figure of a sleeping female 8ft in length who he identified as Trisald. I was unable to locate this, but there were a few other carvings of unknown date set into the hillside.

The attendant at the temple seemed a little surprised by my appearance, I suspect very few people know of these carvings but they’re well worth a quick detour being so close to the well-known Siddhanchal group a little further up the hill.

This was one of five rock-cut Jain monument groups that can be found carved into the hillside at Gwalior. Here are links to the other sites I visited, and an introduction.

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