Best Location for a Stunning Hampi Sunset


Long before I visited Hampi I knew it was potentially a great location to photograph sunset. You only have to google “hampi sunset photos” to see what I mean. But in many of the photos I poured over online, the sense of drama just wasn’t there – everything seemed too far away. Most people seem to head up to the summit of Matanga Hill and the proclaimed “sunset point”, but I decided to try something different.

On my visit to Achyutaraya Temple earlier in the day I had scouted a path that seemed quite promising. It traverses around the northern side of Matanga Hill but is lower down. This was key for me as I wanted to ensure the Virupaksha Temple was a focal point of the shot as well as the sunset itself, the temple needed to be prominent and not just lost below the horizon.

There’s a more detailed description of the location I chose at the end of this blog. The actual spot I chose was about 10m north of path, a little scrambling was called for, but it offered exactly what I was looking for; the temple gateway rising up and prominent in the scene, the hills behind, and hopefully the actual sunset in the frame as well. I arrived early, so wasn’t entirely sure it was going to work, but in the end I got lucky.

With the sheer volume of boulders that are all over the Hampi landscape no tripod was needed. I just rested the camera on a beanbag on a chest high rock and I was all set to go.






It sounds all too clichéd I know, but it was a magical experience to stand there and watch the sun slowly dip behind the temple and the hills beyond. The Virupaksha Temple had been with me for almost the entire day, a reassuring beacon on the landscape. It seemed only fitting that I should conclude an amazing day by watching the sunset behind that temple.


So, how do you get to this place ?  There are two ways to reach the location, depending on the direction of your approach.

From Achyutaraya Temple:

Take the path heading west from Achyutaraya Temple that climbs and skirts the north side of Matanga Hill. If your sense of direction isn’t that great, after walking for about a minute look back and this should be what you see. Hopefully that should ensure you’re on the right track.


From Hampi Bazaar:

Walk to the far eastern extent of the ceremonial street, with the Virupaksha Temple behind you. At the end is a pavilion sheltering a large monolithic image of Nandi. To the right is a stepped path that leads up through an open gateway and on towards Achyutaraya Temple.


Here’s the location on google maps, which might make a bit more sense of the directions.

If you’re interested in using any of my photography or articles please get in touch. I’m also available for any freelance work worldwide, my duffel bag is always packed ready to go…


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  1. very interesting & useful detailed information about hampi …. i visited last november ….. but unable to capture a satisfactory sunset from hemkuta sunset point…… thanks for sharing all

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  2. I had to look Hampi up to figure out where it was. We were in India and Nepal for just three weeks, and I (sadly) didn’t get there. It looks absolutely wonderful, and your photos are stunning! Keep up the wonderful work!

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  3. Dear Kevin, I am a regular visitor to Hospet (at least twice a month) because we plant is there. I visited Hampi many times with all my camera gears but never had been to this spot. Thanks for showing amazing place. Now this Sunday, 14th Jan I will be going to Hampi for a week & will try to capture sunset during my hectic schedule. Photographs are very nice & stunning. I have Canon 7D Mark II with the same lens (70-200 mm). But I think to shoot with wide angle lens also. What’s your views on this? Any other special advice please.

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    • Namaste Vivek ! Yes, wide is good also, but for close up of the temple you will need that 70-200mm and may have to crop the image too. I was lucky enough to rest my camera on a beanbag on top of a chest height boulder, but a tripod might also be useful depending where you end up. Good luck with your quest, please let me know how you get on. Safe travels, Kevin


  4. Stunningly beautiful shots.
    Please keep the great work going.
    I have been to Hampi once way back in 2011 & the memories of being there are still fresh in my mind.
    A must visit place.
    Very hospitable & inviting, charming local people.
    The food & accommodation very very reasonable.

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