Bakresvara Temple

Bakresvara Temple – Bhubaneswar

Located 100m west of Bharati Matha and directly opposite Yameshwar Temple in Bhubaneswar old city, Bakresvara (also known as Bakreswar) is no longer a living temple and is being maintained by the ASI.

Based upon architectural elements, the east-facing temple is thought to date to the late Ganga period of the 14th century A.D.

The temple is extremely plain with hardly any exterior ornamentation and all the niches are empty.

My overriding memory of this temple will probably be the level of encroachment that’s occurred on the north side. It would appear the temple’s boundary wall was always this close to the temple itself, and the pressures of rapid urban development has resulted in residential properties being constructed right up against that wall.

I’ve seen many examples of this at temple sites in Bhubaneswar, and to the layman’s eyes all these modern constructions look to be no older than 50 years old. Whoever was responsible for urban development in the city back then, if indeed there was anyone with that authority, has an awful lot to answer for.

The temple is dedicated to Shiva, but there is no longer any deity in the sanctum.

Whilst not one of the more impressive temples to visit in the city, it’s location close to Bharati Matha and Yameshwar means you won’t be going out of your way to stop by here and have a quick look.

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