Ghantaghar Clock Tower

Ghantaghar Clock Tower


Meet Mohammad Iqbal…


Mohammad is the person behind the ticking of the Ghantaghar Clock Tower, one of the most famous landmarks in the centre of the new city in Jodhpur.


He and his ancestors have been maintaining the clock for nearly 50 years, since 1968. Mohammad’s maintenance of the clock started on 10th September, 2009. It is said that he and his son, Mohammad Shakeel, are the only people who know how to make the complex clock work.

For a few rupees you can climb the narrow staircase up to the clock mechanism, and possibly meet Mohammad.


Built by Maharaja Sardar Singh (1880-1911) from whom the market takes it name, the clock tower is in the very heart of Sardar Market, slap bang in the centre of the city.



It’s a useful anchor point from which to explore further afield in the city, you can always get back to the clock tower from wherever you end up.

The market is an interesting place to spend an hour or so, views of the fort are pretty good but no different from any number of rooftop restaurants in the area.





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  1. I saw a miniature painting of warren Hastings on a howdah of an elephant next to the Jaipur (not this) watch tower.

    It was 3 stories or 3 elephants high and then called as golden tower in the painting. It also shows a gold bell inside.

    A recent photo shows one whole floor missing and merely painted gold.

    Anything that wasn’t bolted down in British India was stolen.


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