Gangaur Ghat

Gangaur Ghat – Udaipur


Gangaur Ghat is located at the heart of the city of Udaipur and is very easy to find. Upon leaving the City Palace via the north gate, walk down until you reach the flight of stairs on your left for Jagdish Temple. At the road junction, turn left and head down past all the souvenir shops until you eventually reach the waters edge.






This was a place I kept returning to during my stay in Udaipur, there was always something happening but in a quiet and peaceful way. There are a few cafes close by as well if you want to linger for even longer.






The name-sake Ghangaur festival is celebrated in a grand manner every year in Rajasthan. Gangaur signifies Lord Shiva and Parvati together. It’s believed that Parvati returned to her parental home during Gangaur, to bless her friends with marital bliss. On the last day, Parvati was given a grand farewell by her loved ones and Lord Shiva arrived to escort her home.

You can also come here at night on your way to see the City Palace illuminated on the opposite shoreline.





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