Chor Minar

Chor Minar – Delhi

Chor Minar
Chor Minar

Situated about 400m north of Hauz Khas metro station in south Delhi, Chor Minar is one of those typical isolated monuments you come across in the city if you decide to explore on foot.

Also known as the “Tower of Thieves”, it was built sometime between 1296 and 1316 AD during the rule of Alauddin Khalji, the second Sultan of the Khalji dynasty. He was also responsible for building the nearby Siri Fort about 3km away.

The wall of the circular tower has over 220 holes, supposedly for displaying the heads of thieves to act as a deterrent. This appears to have been a common practise back in the 14th century, the towers of Siri Fort are said to have once displayed the heads of 8,000 Mongol prisoners who were executed after the Battle of Amroha in 1305. Folklore also suggests that some of those heads may have found their way here to Chor Minar.

Despite the gruesome backstory, Chor Minar today stands in the middle of a traffic roundabout with a small pleasant garden and peaceful surroundings away from the main roads. If you happen to be passing nearby on the metro it’s well worth a few minutes walk to pay this monument a visit.

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    • Thanks for the encouragement ! I’m in the midst of sorting out a lot more content, so watch this space. It takes a while to go through 7,500 photos from a six week visit 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment !


  1. I missed it. There is tomb called as Chor-Gumbaz in Gulbarga of Karnataka. It used to hide thieves after steeling from the city. As this tomb is away from the city hence the thieves used to take shelter here. This tomb was built by Bahamani sultan in around 1410s for famous Sufi saint Ghezu Daraz (Bande Nawaz), but the saint refused to the building. This was abandoned.

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  2. That’s so wonderful. Next time when you visit Delhi, do let me know. I’ll take you some more such locations. There is a Chor Gumbad (Thief Tomb) near my hometown in Haryana.

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