Jain Temples



Shravanbelagola (also known as Sravanabelgola or Sravanabelagola) is a celebrated Jain pilgrimage town 36km east of Hassan, just off the NH48 via Nelamangala. The main sites here are clustered around two granite hills overlooking the village; Vindhyagiri, and Chandragiri. My visit here was sadly limited for time, so […]

Badami Caves and Temples

Badami is a small town 105km south of Bijapur and just 100km north-west of Hampi in Karnataka. Set at the western end of a lake almost completely surrounded by a horseshoe of sandstone hills, for me it’s possibly one of India’s prettiest archaeological sites. There are rock-cut and free […]

Madhya Pradesh


Sonagiri is a Jain pilgrimage site with 77 temples, 10km north-west of Datia. Combined with Datia Palace and Karan Sagar Chhatris it makes for a great day excursion from Orchha.


Amba-Ambika Caves

The Junnar region in Maharashtra has the largest number of rock-cut caves in India, numbering over 200 independent excavations and spread over the four hills. All the caves here belong to the Hinayana phase and are datable from mid 3rd century B.C. to late 3rd century A.D. The presence […]

Ellora Caves

Ellora Caves are 18 miles North-West of Aurandabad, so unlike Ajanta caves you won’t have such an early start in order to get there for opening time. I would recommend getting there early to once again try to avoid the hoards of tourists and school parties. Ellora represents […]


Khandagiri Caves – Bhubaneswar

Located directly opposite the Udayagiri Caves complex on the other side of the road, Khandagiri Caves comprises of 15 caves in total, and it is believed the excavations here are a little later than Udayagiri. However, the use of the complex extended far longer than at Udayagiri, the last inscription at Udayagiri is dated to the 12th century A.D, but Khandagiri Caves continued to gain importance as a Jain tirtha, which it still is today. The caves were extensively renovated during the reign of Uddyotakeshari of the Somavamshi dynasty in the 11th century A.D.

Udayagiri Caves – Bhubaneswar

Dating back as early as the 2nd century B.C, Udayagiri Caves are a fascinating set of deep cut sandstone caves 3km west of Bhubaneswar in Odisha. Built by the Jain ruler Kharavela, the caves were part of a large Jain monastic complex. Whilst many of the caves appear to have been converted into shines, originally it is believed they served as dormitories and study areas for the monks.


Jaisalmer Jain Temples

This was without doubt the highlight of my short visit to Jaisalmer. Within the fort walls is an astonishing maze-like interconnecting treasure trove of seven beautiful yellow sandstone Jain temples, all dating from the 15th and 16th centuries.

Mahavira Jain Temple

The Mahavira Jain Temple in Osian (or Osiyan, Rajasthan) is dedicated to Lord Mahavira, the 24th Jain Tirthankara. It is a major pilgrimage site for Jains in this region of Rajasthan.



Ranakpur is Rajasthan’s best known Jain temple, located about 60km north of Udaipur it’s easily visited as a day excursion from the city. Tripods are not permitted, and please remember to bring a shawl to cover yourself and not to bring any item of leather into the temple. […]