Alchi Gompa

Alchi Gompa


Alchi, 69km from Leh, is in a class of it’s own when it comes to temples. Sited unusually on flat ground. The 12th century shrines, abandoned in the 15th century, boast the most magnificent murals in all of Ladakh.

My visit to Alchi was part of a one day excursion from Leh, exploring the gompas north of the town.

The itinerary for the day was :

The scenery you take in en-route to Alchi, is also quite stunning.

KSP_3843 KSP_3848 KSP_3859

Unfortunately, photography is not allowed in most of the temples, so for a Photography travel blog such as this there isn’t an awful lot to show. But Alchi is a must see destination for anyone in the region.

KSP_3872 KSP_3874 KSP_3875

The most impressive temple is the Sumtsek, but even photographing the outside of the temple is not permitted. Look out for a red painted building with carved wooden columns and beans, that’s the one you really need to make sure you visit.


KSP_3878  KSP_3896 KSP_3897

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