Mahathma Jyotiba Phule Mandai – Pune


Pune’s Mandai, officially known as Mahathma Jyotiba Phule Mandai, is the biggest vegetable market in Pune city. It is located in heart of Pune within the Shukrawar Peth area. The market’s main entrance is located on the road connecting Shanipar to Chhatrapati Shivaji Road, although in total it has eight entrances.

The market is also located next to Tulsi Baugh which is another big market in Pune, and supplies vegetables, fruits and articles for Pooja (Hindu worship).

Built by the Poona Municipality and opened in 1886 by the then Governor of Bombay Presidency, Lord Reay, the construction of building started in 1882 and took 4 years to complete. Originally the market  was called Reay Market and also served as Municipality office.

With over 500 stalls of fruits and vegetables the market is always crowded, primarily because fruits and vegetable are available at a lower cost than many other places in the city.

I’ve been to Pune over 15 times in the last decade and I never grow tired of visiting this market, armed with my camera and happy to let a few hours drift by as I explore the unusual octagonal neo-Gothic building and its contents.

Although I’ve photographing for quite a few years now, “street photography” is something I’m still adapting to, primarily because I still feel a little intrusive pointing the camera at people. The shopkeepers here seem quite used to seeing visitors pop in and be swept away by the sight, smells and sounds of daily market life, and as a result I end up feeling slightly more in my comfort zone.

What follows is a collage of photos taken from my visits in 2015 and 2016. Clicking on any image will enlarge the shot and take you into a slideshow.  If you think I’ve included a large number of images, I should warn you now that I’m already planning a return visit to Pune in early 2017 🙂




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  1. Dear Kevin,
    Thank you for your photos. The design of this market reminds me of the central market in Phnom Penh.
    Particularly impressed by your Deccan cave temple photos.

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