Agrasen Ki Baoli – Delhi

Located down a quiet narrow lane just off Hailey Road in New Delhi, Agrasen Ki Baoli is one of the many historic buildings that existed on the site of the new city.


Adalaj Step-Well

My introduction to step-wells came from the in-flight magazine of Jet Airways flight 9W117. Being an amateur archaeologist and fascinated by all things historical, these structures intrigued me and I knew at some point I would have to make plans to see them. Rajasthan and Gujarat seemed to […]

Dada Hari Ni Vav

Dada Hari Ni Vav is a little visited stepwell on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. There’s a sanskit inscription (which I failed to locate) that says the Muslim king Sultan Bai Harir, locally known as Dada Hari, built the step-well in 1485. The building, with beautiful carvings all over, […]

Patan : Rani Ki Vav – Queen’s Stepped-Well

Patan lies 130km north of Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat, it takes about 2.5 hours to reach there and the roads are excellent. This trip can easily be done alongside visiting the Sun Temple at Modhera. The main attraction in Patan is the Rani Ki Vav (or […]

Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho – Chopra Tank

This is one of those monuments that is missed by almost all visitors to Khajuraho. Although it is just 180m north of the Chitragupta Temple, it lies outside the western group of temples complex. 


Katan Baori Step Well – Coming Back From The Brink

We often read in the media of how an ancient building of historical importance has been swept aside by developers, or left to decay without any efforts made to reverse that process. Thankfully, every once in a while there is a good news story to buck that trend.

Katan Baori Step Well

Built in the 10th century, not long after the more famous Chand Baori in Abhaneri was constructed, Katan Baori in Osian (or Osiyan, Rajasthan) was not quite as I expected.

Mahila Bagh Ka Jhalra

Located just 5 minutes walk away from Toorji Ka Jhalra, Mahila Bagh Ka Jhalra was the second step well I visited in Jodhpur.

Toorji Ka Jhalra

Toorji Ka Jhalra (Toorji’s Step Well) was built in Jodhpur the 1740s by a Queen, Maharaja Abhay Singh’s Consort, continuing an age old tradition that Royal women would build public water works.

Abhaneri – Chand Baori & Harshat Mata

If your Jaipur itinerary can afford a day excursion and you’re looking for somewhere that does not mean you’re stuck in the car for a large proportion of the day, then Abhaneri is the place to head for. Abhaneri is just 95km from Jaipur on the Jaipuir-Agra road, the […]

Panna Meena Ka Kund

Panna Meena Ka Kund (also known as Panna Mian ki Baoli and Panna Miyan ka Kund) is located on Jaipur-Amer road near the Anokhi Museum, hidden in the north end of the Amer area, not far from Amer Fort.