Chaturbhuj Temple.

Khajuraho – Chaturbhuj Temple


The Chaturbhuj Temple (also known as Jatkari Temple) is situated south of Khajuraho, about 650m south-west of Jatkari village not far from the airport. By far the best time to visit is around 4:30pm, for reasons that will become very clear shortly !


This is a modest sized and much restored temple, similar in plan to the Javari Temple, and consists of a sanctum, vestibule, mandapa and porch.


The sculptures set within three bands on the exterior of the temple are considered somewhat stereotyped, which suggests this temple was probably built not long before the Duladeo Temple, around 1100 A.D.

Despite what may be a slightly disappointing temple exterior by Khajuraho standards, the real wonder of Chaturbhuj is held within the sanctum.


Here is possibly one of the most majestic icons of northern India, a 2.75m high four-armed statue of Vishnu. Unlike most other temples at Khajuraho, Chaturbhuj  faces west, as does this magnificent sculpture. If you visit the temple at around 4:30pm you will be treated to the icon being lit by the golden rays of the setting sun, which is simply magical.


There is some debate as to whether this really is an image of Vishnu. The head appears to have the Jata (hairs) of Shiva, but the posture with one leg resting on the toe is similar to that of Krishna (the eighth avatar of Vishnu).


Whatever the case, this is the tallest stone carved idol among all the temples in Khajuraho, and a visit in the late afternoon will certainly not disappoint !


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