Aisaneswara Temple

Aisaneswara Temple – Bhubaneswar

Aisaneswara Temple (also known as Aishanyeswara Temple) is located opposite the western compound wall of Lingaraj Temple, next to the Municipal Corporation Hospital in old Bhubaneswar. It is approximately 100m south of the Papanasini Temple Complex.

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this east-facing 13th century temple is built in a saptaratha plan with a vimana and jagamohana. There is also a subsidiary shrine immediately to the north.

On my visit, the main temple was clad in scaffolding due to renovations taking place. So as a result, photography was not really going to be a very fruitful for me. Both the main temple and sub-shrine were also locked, and the workman here gave me an overriding feeling that perhaps I shouldn’t be here at all.

Both structures are relatively plain with no detailed carvings, and all the niches empty. Lord Lingaraja visits this temple after the 6th day of Shivarati.

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