Sé Cathedral


The churches and ruins of Old Goa lie 9km east of Panjim, and are the most important monuments of early European colonial period in India.

Most of the surviving buildings are ecclesiastical, surrounded by gardens and lush jungle. It’s an incredibly pretty location, possibly best enjoyed immediately after the monsoons when the foliage is at it’s most lush and the number of visitors are slightly less.

Almost nothing remains of the city that once stood here which was known as the Rome of the East, all the civic and great mansions have long since vanished.


The Sé Cathedral is Goa’s most important ecclesiastical building. Construction started in 1562 and took 100 years to build, although it was first used in 1619 prior to the alters being completed. It originally had two towers, but one collapsed in 1776 and was never rebuilt. The spacious interior has eight separate chapels as well as a high alter.




For me it wasn’t one of Old Goa’s finest buildings, but certainly should not be missed as you walk around the former city.

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