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Jokhang Gompa

Jokhang Gompa is a large modern gompa just around the corner from Leh’s Main Bazaar. It”s also the location of the Ladakhi Buddhist Association, a conservative political organisation with ties to Hindutva groups. Built in 1957, this is one of the newest monasteries in Leh. Being far more accessible […]

Leh Old Fort

At the very top of a ridge that overlooks Leh town are the remains of the 16th century palace and fort of King Tashi Namgyal. The relatively small white building sits just above the Namgyal Tsemo Gompa, so a visit to both can be combined to save you […]

Leh Palace

Leh Palace is without doubt one of Ladakh’s most imposing structures, dominating the landscape around Leh it’s impossible to ignore, it’s ever present, and both amazes and awes all visitors to the region. Although partly gutted and in a dilapidated state, the towering nine storey fort-like palace is […]

Leh Heritage Walk

As an amateur archaeologist, it should come as no surprise that I am passionate about the heritage of any country I visit, and in particular any efforts that are being made to preserve what heritage remains. India in particular faces a constant struggle to preserve their heritage buildings, awareness […]

Soma Gompa

Soma Gompa is the easiest to find of the four temples that are considered part of the Leh palace complex. It sits just below the palace entrance, next to an open courtyard that was once the stables for the palace. Whilst locating the gompa is easy, getting access […]

Guru Lhakhang

Guru Lakhang is one of four temples that are considered part of the Leh palace complex in Ladakh. It is probably the hardest to reach on foot, being located immediately below the palace with no easily identifiable path to it from Leh old town. Your best approach is […]

Chenrezig Lhakhang

The Leh palace complex includes four temples that reside just below the palace itself, running along the ridge that overlooks the crumbling old town. Access to all of them is extremely difficult, they are rarely open but your best chance is to get there early in the morning […]