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Mahabaleshwar Viewpoints

Mahabaleshwar is a hill station located in the Sahyadri mountain range of Maharastra. With one of the few evergreen forests of India, it served as the summer capital of the Bombay province during the British Raj, and now is a popular holiday destination especially during the monsoon season.


Krishnabai Temple

Anyone visiting Old Mahabaleshwar is likely to know about the Panchganga temple, the temple where the waters of five rivers Koyna, Krishna, Venna, Savitri and Gayatri come together. But right behind the parking for the Panchganga temple, there is a small well-marked trail which takes you to another temple well worth exploring – the Krishnabai temple.

Pratapgad Fort

At 1,080m above sea level, Pratapgad Fort (also known as Pratapgadh or Pratapgar Fort) is located 15km from Poladpur and 23km west of Mahabaleshwar. It’s an easy half day excursion from Mahabaleshwar, and is certainly one of the most dramatic settings of any Maharastra fort I have visited over the years.