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Hi, I’m a bit of a travel junkie with a passion for exploring the unexplored armed only with a bottle of water and the ability to capture the moments as they unfold.

Having recently left the safe bubble of the corporate world, I’m exploring where my true passions could lead to. I’m currently based in Reading, Berkshire, England.

If you’re interested in using any of my photography or articles please get in touch. I’m also available for any freelance work worldwide, my duffel bag is always packed ready to go…

Shanti Stupa – Dhauli

Located on top of Dhauli Hill a short distance south of Bhubaneswar, Shanti Stupa (also known as the International Peace Pagoda) was built in 1972 in a collaborative project between the Odisha Government and Kalinga Nippon Sangha (a nearby Buddhist monastery). The stupa’s location is of course of […]