Khajuraho – Varaha Temple

Directly in front of the Lakshmana Temple facing east, the Varaha Temple will be the first monument you come to in the Western Group at Khajuraho, assuming you tour the complex in a clockwise fashion. The Varaha Temple is in fact one of the oldest temples in the compound, believed to have been constructed around 900 – 925 A.D.

Orchha Fort

Orchha Fort is a huge complex containing a large number of monuments including palaces, gateways and temples, accessed from the town by an arched causeway. The entrance ticket for the fort is valid for all other monuments in Orchha, so it pays to get here early in the morning so you have time to visit some of the other sites later in the day.

The Chhatris of Orchha

In total there are 15 chhatris of Bundela kings and their families, located on the banks of the river Betwa just 800m south of the Chaturbhuj Temple in the center of the village. My first visit to the chhatris was at sunrise to catch the golden light cast on these monuments from Kanchana Ghat, on the banks of the river Betwa.