Tomb of Akbar The Great

(NB : I have subsequently revisited this site, for an updated account please see my post on Akbar’s Tomb – Sikandra). The mausoleum of the Mughal emperor Akbar lies on the outskirts of Agra in an area called Sikanda. It’s believed that Akbar himself chose this location for […]

Taj Mahal

The future King Edward VII, visiting India in 1875, remarked that it was commonplace for every writer “to set out with the admission that the Taj Mahal is indescribable, and then proceed to give some idea of it”. I don’t think words exist in the English language to […]

Fatehpur Sikri

Sikri was once a nondescript village 38km west of Agra, its only claim to fame being the home of a sufi mystic, Sheikh Salim Chishti. Its fortunes chained dramatically in 1568 when the Mughal emporer Akbar visited the saint. Akbar was at the peak of his rule, with […]

Humayun’s Tomb

Set in 30 acres of walled gardens in the eastern part of Delhi, Humayun’s mausoleum is considered the crowning glory of early Mughal architecture. Humayun was the second Mughal emporer and the least successful of the early Mughals, now primarily remembered for his tomb. He ruled the Mughal […]