Okonjima – Namibia

Half way between Windhoek and Etosha in Namibia lies the Okonjima Nature Reserve. Completed in 2010, and with a 96 kilometre fence surrounding the 22,000 hectares, Okonjima Nature Reserve is also home to The AfriCat Foundation. Namibia is home to the world’s largest wild/free-ranging cheetah population; the majority […]

Tikona Fort

A trek up to Tikona Fort is an easy day excursion from Pune, located just 50m west of the city overlooking Pawna Lake. I visited in September towards the end of the monsoon season which is perhaps the best time to visit. I can still clearly remember how […]

Lotus Mahal – Hampi

Also known as Chitragani Mahal and Kamal Mahal, the Lotus Mahal is located within the Zenana Enclosure of the Royal Centre of Hampi. Within the enclosure are also the remains of two palace basements, three watch towers, a vaulted rectangular structure, and the two storeyed pavilion of the […]