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Tribal Cultural Museum – Pune

India has the largest number of tribes and tribal population anywhere in the world. According to a recent anthropological survey of India, there are in total over 750 distinct tribes in the country, the population of which (84 million in 2001) accounts for 8% of the total population of the country.

Maharashtra ranks as the second largest tribal state, with 45 tribes recorded in total such as Warlis, Bhils, Mavchis, Korkus, Madias, Gonds, Thakars, Kokanas and Pawaras. All of these tribes have developed their own art and craft forms.

Established in Pune in 1965, the Tribal Cultural Museum is within the campus of the Tribal Research and Training Institute. With over 1,350 exhibits on display, their on-going quest is to collect exhibits and update the museum depicting tribal life and culture within the state of Maharashtra.