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Narasimha Monolith – Hampi

A little southwest of the Krishna Temple in a pavilion just off the main road is perhaps Hampi’s best known sculpture – the extraordinary Narasimha Monolith, also known as the Lakshmi Narasimha Temple. This is a magnificent figure of Vishnu in his Narasimha form (half man, half lion), the fourth incarnation […]

Krishna Temple – Hampi

To the south of Hemakuta Hill and the two Ganesha temples is the Krishna Temple, one of four major shrines in the sacred centre of Hampi. You enter the temple via a partially ruined gateway that still has some impressive carvings. Inside you reach an inner courtyard with the […]



Pattadakal is one of India’s most artistically impressive Hindu temple complexes, located 15km east of Badami in Karnataka. In total there are nine shrines of differing sizes, in a complex about the size of a football pitch next to the Malaprabha river. Almost all of them are from […]

Badami Town

Having done the obligatory tour of the monuments of Badami, I decided to break away from all of that and immerse myself into the daily life of the small town. So off I headed into the back streets of Badami, armed with my camera (of course) and a […]

Badami Caves and Temples

Badami is a small town 105km south of Bijapur and just 100km north-west of Hampi in Karnataka. Set at the western end of a lake almost completely surrounded by a horseshoe of sandstone hills, for me it’s possibly one of India’s prettiest archaeological sites. There are rock-cut and free […]